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Who we are

About Us

Truelogic is a leading provider of nearshore staff augmentation services, located in New York. Our team of 500 tech talents is driving digital disruption from Latin America to the top projects in U.S. companies.

As a member of Stagwell Group (STGW - Nasdaq listed), for over 20 years, Truelogic has been assisting companies of all sizes, from Uber and Amazon to mid-sized businesses, to achieve their digital transformation goals.

Culture and values

Our Culture

Our culture is centered around collaboration and teamwork. We believe in respecting, trusting and caring for each other and our clients. This allows us to kickstart innovation together and create valuable software. Our diverse team has a passion for technology and we work hard to deliver great results. We also value having fun and living by the motto "work hard, play even harder." Our commitment to continuous improvement, ongoing learning, and making a positive impact in our community sets us apart and makes us proud of the work we do.

Our Values

Were one with our clients

We are a team because we respect, trust and care for each other. Being motivated internally, we enjoy teaming up with our clients to get valuable software.

Kickstarting innovation together
Our teamwork puts innovation in motion through motivation and inspiration. We have an entrepreneurial mindset that allows everyone to be two steps ahead.

Work hard, play even harder

We are a diverse and collaborative techie wolf-pack that feels pride and passion about what we do. Because we invest in having fun, we go by the motto “work hard, play even harder”

We don't settle for good, we deliver great

We pride ourselves on achieving high quality products and services through a commitment to innovation, ongoing learning, teamwork and continuous improvement

We Care
We challenge ourselves at work everyday to reach our goals while contributing to our community needs in the best possible way.