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Quiénes somos

Shopventory was established to provide merchants with the confidence to run and grow a healthy and successful business. Started for a fashion boutique in San Diego, CA a husband and wife team worked together to create the first version of Shopventory. It was clear many other businesses needed a robust reporting and inventory management solution as word of mouth continued to spread. This is the foundation of what Shopventory is today.

Shopventory is a real-time inventory management and reporting solution that fully integrates with popular POS and e-commerce systems to blend physical and online sales channels. Zero in on critical business insights such as profitability, unsold products, stock value, location performance, and more.

Created by owners for owners, Shopventory remains committed to offering powerful tools for merchants of all sizes around the world.

Who we serve

We've grown to help tens of thousands of merchants in over 60 countries. From bars and restaurants, to vape shops, liquor stores, food trucks, convenience stores, brick and mortar stores with 1-100+ locations, and even the same fashion shop where we started.

Who we are

At Shopventory, it's our mission to help businesses achieve their goals. This is why we offer live US-based support and a deep knowledge base to answer all of your questions. We are here to guide merchants as they expand and continue to define their unique vision of success.


  • Salario basado en tus habilidades

  • Trabajo Remoto - Home Office

  • 9 dias feriados pagados

  • 3 semanas de vacaciones el primer año

  • 4 semanas de vacaciones  el segundo año

  • Asistencia a nuestra convención en Denver, Colorado de 1 a 2 veces al año 

  • Estabilidad laboral

  • Una genial cultura de trabajo con un gran equipo de trabajo

  • Pago Directo via Wise

Cultura y valores

We are a relaxed and fun team of passionate people with small egos who really enjoy working together and making a difference to business owners all over the world. We have lots of opportunities for personal growth and care about the well-being of our team members.

Our Values

Integrity - Creativity - Passion - Teamwork

These values aren’t just something written on a poster in the break room. We live and breathe these values every day. We trust that you’re here to do the best work of your life, and we judge you on the results you produce. What do we expect from you? Do great things. Work really hard. We expect you to be self-directed and able to juggle multiple balls. There will occasionally be nights and weekends.

¿Cómo es trabajar en tmpUCwXYtekz43PSjd8?

Únete a un equipo formado de personas divertidas y apasionadas sin muchos egos, con las que disfrutarás colaborar, al mismo tiempo trabajarás en una plataforma que hace la diferencia para pequeños y grandes empresarios alrededor del mundo. Tenemos muchas oportunidades para que crezcas personal y profesionalmente, para nosotros es importante el bienestar de todos nuestros compañeros de trabajo.

Nuestros clientes

Shopventory es una empresa enfocada en fortalecer pequeñas y medianas empresas. Nuestro programa automatiza el manejo de inventarios proveyendo un poderoso sistema de negocios inteligente,que les permite incrementar ventas y ahorrar tiempo.

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