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Quiénes somos

KnowledgeCity specializes in learning solutions that maximize skill development and minimize the cost, time, and headaches associated with implementing eLearning training programs. Our innovative tools and services are constantly evolving with the changing needs of the industry and feedback from the clients we serve real-world administrators with real-world learning and development problems.

How Did We Get Here?

Over ten years ago, the world experienced a financial crisis on a global scale. Unemployment rose sharply during that time. When attendees of our local seminars shared their feedback on the benefits of our online employee training program, we knew we had to strive harder to help people get back on their feet.

Employment opportunities were becoming harder to come by, and the crowds of people seeking out those jobs were more qualified than ever before. We decided to create a system to help teach people important job skills that would make them more valuable employee prospects. KnowledgeCity has evolved from local training seminars to a global learning and development organization trusted by governments, corporations, and universities around the world.

Dónde nos encontramos

Today, KnowldedgeCity operates from its global HQ in Carlsbad, CA, USA where Business Management, Operations Management, Finance, Video Production, Content Writing, and Product Management are located.

Further, KnowledgeCity operates in 3 other countries. In Europe: Moscow (Russia); In North America: Tijuana (Mexico); In Middle East: Riyadh (Saudi Arabia). Where highly professional teams integrate our Web Division, Sales, and Support Team.

Cultura y valores

Our mission has always been to make quality skills training accessible to everyone. We continue in that tradition by creating tools designed to facilitate learning and the achievement of success. Together, we are creating more productive and safe workplaces, more knowledgeable and engaged employees, and enriching the culture of organizations around the globe.

Bolsa de 0 empleos en KnowledgeCity LLC

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