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Ellipz Mexico SAPI DE CV

Acerca de Ellipz Mexico SAPI DE CV

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Imagine a world where you are always connected to unprecedented speed and bandwidth: at home, at work and even on the streets – whether you are in your car or on foot. Ellipz Smart Solutions keeps you connected. Anytime, anywhere.

Every light is a satellite

We have identified a unique opportunity to create a better, safer and faster communication infrastructure by bringing diverse technologies together. Ellipz has created a world where LED lights with added LiFi technology enable you to transmit thousands of data streams in parallel, enabling access to the Internet wherever there is a light source.

LiFi creates a platform of solutions for people and the planet which are unimaginable today. The technology resolves three major issues in our current society: the security of data transmission, healthy communication without invasive radio waves, and accessibility to internet anywhere.

With its turnkey solutions to these challenges, Ellipz Smart Solutions plays a pivotal role in transforming the way we live and work in the future.

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