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We are a tech startup that wants to change the education industry. We are connecting agents, schools and clients in an online platform that currently has more than 15000 courses and 1200 schools located all around the globe.

Book&Learn started 4 years ago as an internal development for a unique education agency, and quickly became clear that the concept could be further developed in order to optimize and facilitate how the key players in the industry interact.

We are located in Mexico City in the trendy Roma Neighborhood and also have representatives in South America and soon in Europe too. Our small team (20 collaborators) is diverse and young, and very motivated.

We are 100% customer oriented and like to deliver the best solutions for the challenges that the industry poses, therefore we need only the best people in order to take this amazing trip together.

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What would I work on specifically?

The development team is responsible for developing new features and maintaining the app: CRM, quotation tools, etc. In addition, we develop some projects that our clients require in order to tailor the app to their needs.

What are the required baseline technical skills for all levels of engineers there?

These are the common skills all developers in our team should be familiar with:

  • Version Control (Git)
  • REST
  • Command Line
  • Web Browser Tools
  • JIRA
  • Coding Best Practices
  • Test Driven Development (TDD)
  • Functional Programming
What’s the salary like?

We will offer you a competitive salary according to your skills and the value you can add to our team. Your offer will generally be above the market rate in the region. After a periodical results review we can definitely review your current offer.

What does it look like to work there?

Book&Learn is a young and fresh company and our work style should always reflect that. We like having challenging objectives but we are very open and flexible on how we can get there. Depending on the level of responsibility, commitment and proven results along working with us, you can negotiate a lot of freedom in your work style with your manager and mutually establish the best way we can deliver value both ways.

We are a small and growing company, therefore communication is always open and easy to achieve. Everyone from the CEO to the youngest of the collaborators will be always there to help you work in the best possible way.

What does the flow look from the beginning to deploy for a particular feature?
  1. We get a feature request from a client or by
  2. We assign the feature by priority and complexity to the right developer
  3. We document the issue to be developed and try to make sure you understand the feature and the context
  4. You work on the feature and when you’re finish you create a pull request to merge your work
  5. We review your Pull Request and let you know any issue so you can fix it and ask for another review of your Pull Request until all requirements are met
  6. We merge your work and deploy in the next version
How much autonomy do I have? Will I be micromanaged?

Book&Learn is a results oriented company. We love to deliver the best features to our clients and be continuously improving what we offer. We try to communicate as clear as possible and we expect that you understand what your responsibilities, targets and deliverables are so that the Book&Learn machinery can work in a smooth way without having to be micromanaged. As long as you are a motivated and results driven person you will definitely be the best match to our team.

What are your plans for growth for long term?

We were just 7 people one year ago and have gotten to almost triple that number in a matter of 12 months. Our company is in an extremely exciting phase and forecast that will keep growing super fast in the coming year. Therefore the possibility of making an amazing career with our team is huge.

How’s the work/life balance there?

We like freedom in regards of schedules and value work life balance a lot. We are all responsible and motivated professionals, and understand that the business will requires us to go the extra mile every once in a while, in the same manner that we can have relaxed seasons and that will allow us to leave the office a bit earlier than normal. We do like to keep a close team contact in a regular way, therefore we tend to align office hours within teams. As long as you deliver your results and have an open communication with your manager, schedule is something that can be quite flexible in our team.

What language do you guys use inside the office?

Our office is getting muti culti quite quickly and we have clients in all latam and Europe, therefore Spanish, English and Portuguese are currently spoken in the office.

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