Polyglot Engineer (Python, React, Go, Java, etc.) en Remoto - Solo México para AIMS International - Hireline México
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Polyglot Engineer (Python, React, Go, Java, etc.)

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Remoto: México

Empleado de tiempo completo

Nivel de Inglés: Nivel Avanzado

● Design components that deliver the correct features and functions with the correct capabilities (quality attributes). Use domain-driven design practices to create rough designs that are good enough to begin development
● Develop verifiable working code that is self-explanatory, easy to debug, maintain, and enhance. Use best practices for coding including test-driven design and test automation.
● Validate solutions by devising testing strategies that exercise the entire solution under realistic conditions and loads
● Deploy solutions into production environments without disrupting current workloads. Migrate users and workloads from legacy systems to new deployments
● Commission new systems by planning the ramp-up of users, support staff, and workloads.
● Support, maintain and enhance solutions.
● Work with small teams of similar engineers under the direction of a technical lead. Collaborate with, and support, team members so the team can achieve project goals and objectives.

Typical Assignments

● Create (design, develop, verify, deploy) custom microservices to enhance existing SaaS solutions.
● Create highly interactive user interfaces that can be deployed across multiple browsers and platforms.
● Ingest and process large volumes of data in preparation for analysis.
● Develop solutions that analyze complex data sets and generate insights and reports
● Develop and implement automated deployment pipelines in complex 24x7 service environments
● Collaborate in strategic initiatives analyzing our clients hardest problems and formulating recommendations
● Rapidly develop proof-of-concept and prototype solutions
● Develop custom tooling for complex SaaS solutions to help Engineers manage technical debt, upgrades, and evolutionary change.

Our full-stack polyglots use (If you work with ANY of these technologies is fine) :

•Java/Scala with Big Data using Hadoop, Kafka, Cassandra, Hive, Spark
•ReactJS, Redux, SASS, TypeScript, GraphQL
•Java, Spring Boot
•Data Visualisation with Python, D3, Highcharts, etc
•Scala with RDMS, SQL
•Python with Django, SQL, Rest framework, FastCGI, GraphQL
•Golang with DevOps
•Golang with microservices
•Elasticsearch,Splunk, Akka, Redis

Christmas Bonus: 30 days
Vacation Days: 10 days
Vacation Bonus: 50%
Major Medical Insurance: Individual
Life Insurance: Individual
Internet Stipend: 1k 
Groceries Stipend: 1K