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Developer Intern en Polyworks México

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Are you looking for a people-oriented company that helps you develop your soft and technical skills? Are you passionate about software development through Agile methodologies and care   about continuous improvement? Then this program is just right for you! As a member of our Software Development Program, you will be assigned to a Coach for a period of 4 months starting on August.


Your main activities during this period will be the following :

  •   You will be trained in the development process of web/mobile/mixed reality/Desktop platforms (platform is selected based on the Developer´s skills)
  • You will participate in the research of new technologies
  • You will be trained in Agile software development methodologies
  • You will learn to work in a cross-functional team
  • You will develop prototypes for 3D visualization web systems, analytical dashboards, administration platforms, among others (projects are defined on each program)



  • Candidate must be a student of the last semester of a bachelor´s degree in Engineering (e.g., Computer Science, Information Technology or similar)
  • Demonstrate logical-mathematical, reasoning, and problem-solving skills
  • Demonstrate responsibility, tolerance, perseverance, work ethics, proactivity, and adaptability
  • Candidate must have intermediate/advanced English communication skills  

What do we offer?

  • Excellent teamwork and a dynamic workplace
  • Strong culture of continuous improvement
  • The opportunity to collaborate with people that are highly qualified; there is always something to learn from someone else
  • Flexible work schedule, allowing for a good balance between personal and professional life


Who are we?  

PolyWorks México, a subsidiary of InnovMetric Software, is a world-class software development company specialized in 3D visualization, web and mobile technologies, data science and Augmented/Mixed Reality. It is a people-oriented company with a strong culture based on modern agile management techniques. 

InnovMetric is a 3D measurement software development firm. From our head office in Quebec City, we shine thanks to the involvement of more than 550 professionals working in our 16 international offices. 


Our talented teams contribute to the success of the largest industrial manufacturing companies with more than 17,000 customers in 98 countries. GM, Volkswagen, Tesla, BMW, Boeing, Apple, and many others trust our PolyWorks® software solutions.