support L2 with Javascript en Miguel Hidalgo, Ciudad de México para MexInc - Hireline México
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support L2 with Javascript en MexInc

$ 20,000 a 25,000 MXN (Bruto)

Ciudad de México

Empleado de tiempo completo

Nivel de Inglés: Nivel Avanzado

para cliente a nivel internacional requerimos candidatos con experiencia minima para esta en la posicione de Soporte técnico, es necesario tener buen nivel de ingles hablado.

La vacante es para Miguel Hidalgo 

De lunes a viernes de 9 a 6 pm

se ofrece:

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Must Have: Java Script Knowledge; Highly proficient in troubleshooting code from websites and code snippets.     At Least 2 years experience in Web development or Mobile Apps.

Basic requirements:

     Highly proficient in English communications (written and spoken)

     Has experience in handling customer escalations

     Javascript knowledge (Intermediate to Advanced)

     Ability to read and understand code inspected from websites or code snippets

     Able to write code to reproduce customer issues (e.g. customer provides a sample and an outcome and you are able to reproduce the issue on your own)

     Highly proficient in troubleshooting code from websites and code snippets:

     Able to navigate Chrome Developer Tools (i.e. Console,  Network, Search, etc)

     Inspect page elements

     DOM inspection and manipulation

     Inspect Network logs

     Add breakpoints

     Ability to quickly read, navigate, and understand large volumes of technical documentation (e.g. Google Maps Platform developer documentation).

     Ability to quickly adapt and navigate Cloud Console systems and interfaces (e.g. Google Cloud Platform Console interface, AWS console interface, etc)

     Basic familiarity with:

     REST APIs

     Web protocols (e.g. HTTP, SSL, etc)

     SQL (or similar database languages)

     StackOverflow, Discord, or other online technical communities

     JSfiddle, JSbin, Stackblitz, or other online code playgrounds

     Unix basics or working with a terminal

     Networking terminology (e.g. latency, DNS, internal and external IPs, quantiles such as p90)

     Can work and learn independently.

     Can work in a shifting schedule environment.

     Has an appetite to drive change in the tools, processes, and products to eliminate customer pain points.

Basic responsibilities:

     Resolve Level 2 technical support issues via phone (inbound and outbound), email, and chat

     Handle complex support cases from high value customers while maintaining response SLAs and CSAT targets

     Resolve advanced customer requests, e.g. around unusual products, frameworks, or programming languages, or license types and products, or high production quality expectations

     Handle customer escalations from Level 1 Agents and defuse irate customers

     Handle consults from Level 1 Agents

     Handle Level 1 cases when needed

     Review Level 1 Agent cases (QA) when needed

     Improve team knowledge and efficiency by seeking, procuring, and sharing knowledge and guidance from other teams or more senior team members

     Improve technical product documentation by consistently reporting errors and suggesting corrections and even fixing them

     Collaborate with other support engineers and global team members.