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Scrum Master - Agile

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Remoto Temp: Nuevo León

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Nivel de Inglés: Nivel Avanzado

At IM Consulting you will work in an environment of innovative solutions and services providing added value for our clients.

You will participate in the transformation of businesses working with a team of professionals.

Who are we looking for? We have in mind people with a passion for technology, who are enthusiastic for knowledge and to grow, reliable professionals in who can place our trust, by joining a team loyal to the purpose of the organization.

How could you contribute and what would be your main goals?

By ensuring customer satisfaction in every project delivered. Delivery of the project on time and with the expected quality.


  • Servant-leader or host leader to the team, creates and maintains the conditions to succeed​
  • Coaches the team to stay focus on their goals to successfully deliver to their commitments​
  • Acts as a true leader, facilitates communication, empowers teams to choose their way of working, ensures that the team has the resources that it needs, and removes any impediments to the team in a timely manner​



  • Guides the team through choosing and evolving their way of working​
  • Facilitates close collaboration across all roles and functions​
  • Ensures that the team is fully functional and productive​
  • Removes impediments​
  • Protects the team from interruptions and external interferences​
  • Maintains open, honest communication between everyone involved​
  • Coaches’ others in the use and application of agile practices​
  • Promotes the team to discuss and think through issues when they are identified​
  • Facilities decision making, but does not make decisions or mandate internal team activity​
  • Ensures that the team keeps their focus on producing a potentially consumable solution​
  • Highly resistant to dogmas, recipes and short cuts
  • High Tolerance to failure
  • 100% of integrity to values and principles of collaboration, honesty and transparency under stress and anywhere 
  • High levels of seniority to manage communication with middle and senior management and at the same influence the ecosystem
  • Do not make your self a dependency or bottle neck
  • Do not assign the work
  • Do not tell people how to do their job
  • Be strong and aggressive to push for improvement but extremely patient to follow them up and make them occur iteratively and incrementally
  • Be a servant leader doing the right thing, doing it right, doing it better
  • Influence on other to think different about knowledge work