Observability and SRE Consultant (100% Remoto) en Remoto - Solo México para Factor Capital - Hireline México
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Observability and SRE Consultant (100% Remoto)

$ 90,000 a 100,000 MXN

Remoto: México

Empleado de tiempo completo

Nivel de Inglés: Nivel Avanzado

As leader in Observability & SRE consulting, He/She provides high-value services that help our clients save more, move faster, and break less, accelerating their return on investments in technology and staff. We accomplish this by leveraging a best-in-class framework and applying best practices in prescriptive, easy-to-consume formats that deliver measurable results.

We are seeking an experienced and highly motivated Observability Consultant, with a strong SRE or DevOps background, to join our world-class Digital Performance Management team and play a key role in the continued delivery of exceptional services for our rapidly expanding practice.


Job Description, Duties, and Responsibilities

·   Lead client consulting engagements, while collaborating as needed with your peers to support efforts across our other client engagements.

·   Design and deliver client-specific, engagement plans aligned to our industry-leading framework and methodologies.

·   Facilitate effective meetings with clients’ teams to communicate plans, progress, value realization, and to enable clients’ staff.

·   Facilitate various technical efforts related to instrumenting distributed enterprise systems, software, and architecture.

·   Create re-usable process documentation, workflow visuals, knowledge articles, and leave-behind resources for active engagements.

·   Work with client teams to design and facilitate the adoption of standards, naming conventions, data tagging conventions across tooling.

·   Identify/remediate client environment misconfigurations and prioritize independently with clients to resolve in an efficient, scalable manner.

·   Work with Engagement Manager on weekly progress and value delivery reporting.




·         Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Computer Science, Information Technology, or related discipline.

·         5+ years of experience as a   Observability & SRE consultant with both background like software-centric (Computer Science, Software Engineering, “Build” teams, etc.), or systems-centric (IT Operations,  Infrastructure-focused,  “Run” teams, etc)

·         English Fluent (100%)


Experience with principles of Agile development & DevOps/DevSecOps:

o   Organizing and executing as a Scrum/Kanban team

o   SCM & Branching Strategies

o   CICD Pipeline Tooling Design & Implementation

o   Unit, Functional, and Load Testing Pipeline Integrations

o   Secure Infrastructure & Pipeline Design, Implementation, & Automation

o   Application Deployment Strategies & Automation

·   Experience designing, delivering, and operating highly scalable distributed services.

·   Experience implementing or managing Container and Orchestrator technology (Docker, Kubernetes, OpenShift) through automation.

·   Experience deploying instrumentation and telemetry data collection mechanisms (agents, APIs, scripts, etc.) used for monitoring or observability purposes from:

o   any vendor (New Relic, Dynatrace, AppDynamics, Splunk, IBM, HP, etc.)

o   any open-sourced community projects (FluentD, Jaeger, OpenTelemetry, ELK, Sensu, Nagios, etc.)

o   any cloud-provider (AWS: CloudWatch/X-Ray, Azure: Monitor/App Insights, GCP:  CloudOps/StackDriver,  etc.)

·   Any cloud provider certifications (AWS, Azure, GCP, etc.)

Bonus Points:

·   Any experience with cloud networking, network security, and network monitoring

·   Any experience with New Relic, Prometheus, or Grafana.

·   Any Python or other scripting language development experience

·   Any development experience with SPA frameworks or deep/pure JavaScript.

·   Any experience “scaling” or “automating” teams, systems, or software.

·   Any experience leveraging Observability “MELT Data” (Metrics, Errors, Logs, and Traces) to drive business outcomes.

·   Any AWS or Kubernetes Certifications.

·   Experience with performance tuning databases or middleware technologies.


Personal Attributes

·   Business values grounded in honesty, integrity, and respect.

·   A positive, open-minded attitude and team player mentality.

·   Focus towards delivering expectation exceeding results.

·   Healthy appetite to explore deeply, learn continuously, and solve challenging problems.