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DevOps Engineer en Adecco

$ 90,000 a 100,000 MXN (Bruto)

Remoto: México

Empleado de tiempo completo

Nivel de Inglés: Nivel Avanzado

A DevOps Engineer will deeply understand the priority, purpose, and functioning of DevOps practices and infrastructure, and have experience building DevOps-based cloud solutions in both GCP and AWS environments.

What you’ll do in this role:

      Help shape DevOps philosophy for engineering teams.

      Design, implement, and maintain infrastructure through cloud platforms, including Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services

      Assemble CI/CD and infrastructure standards for development teams, and strategize with development leads on development environment pipelines and resources

      Transition developer-owned CI/CD processes and infrastructure to production-ready infrastructure-as-code, and design and implement robust, idempotent, and fast CI/CD pipelines

      Platform security, platform identity access management, and incident response automation

      Advise development teams on how software can be engineered for quick, robust, and secure deployment, emphasizing common industry practices

      Write and maintain event-driven on-demand Python and NodeJS functions, realized in Google Cloud Functions or AWS Lambda, to aid in DevOps automation tasks

What you’ll need to be successful:

      5+ years working in IT

      2+ years in a senior role in a development or DevOps team

      2+ years working with Cloud services and technologies, Google Cloud Platform preferred

      Deep familiarity with containerization technology and Kubernetes

      Previous design and implementation of CI/CD pipelines (using GitLabCI, Google Cloud Build, AWS CodeBuild or similar) and infrastructure-as-code solutions (using tools and languages such as Terraform, Jinja2, Google Deployment Manager, AWS CloudFormation, or similar)

      Strong communication skills to help drive acceptance and implementation of modern DevOps principles

      Strong command of the Linux shell, with mastery of shell, Python, or NodeJS scripting

Bonus Skills:

      Familiarity with Site Reliability Engineering principles

      Cloud DevOps Engineer, Cloud Engineer, or Cloud Architect certification or similar certification

      Experience in NodeJS and Typescript, ideally with web-based frameworks such as NestJS and Express