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Abinitio admin en Larsen & Toubro Infotech Ltd.

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Ciudad de México

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"Installation and Configuration
Server License key install and Key server configuration.
User Graphical Development Environment (GDE) license key bundle install using key server admin console.
Adding Transparent Network Substrate (TNS) entry and interfaces for database access from AI server.
Configuring 3 Domain Name System (DNS) ports on the controlled environments.
NDM client install on server.
Co-ordinate with System Administrator (SA) team to install required software on the AI servers.
Configure newly installed software to work on AI server.
Authorization Gateway (AG) and SSO setup and upgrades for AI applications.
Query-It, WebEME and Mhub setup and upgrade.
Data Profiler and Express>IT setup and upgrade.
Control Center and AG on Tomcat setup
Gateway server setup.
Global License Agreement (GLA) monitoring setup and reporting.
Install and setup java web apps for Talend applications.
Abinitio on Big Data setup, installation and configuration

Server Health Checks
Health Check of file space, CPU utilization and memory on AI servers through custom scripts and  AppDynamics and other monitoring tools
Health Check of AI services through custom scripts and AppDynamics and other Monitoring tools.
Database (DB) connectivity test in case of any DB upgrade or DB connection failure for existing setup.

Server/Content Management
Start and Stop of AI services.
Start and shutdown application on WebSphere servers for specific functionality.
Bouncing of Control Centre services.
Creating inbound and outbound directory as per application requirements.
Standard admin directory creation for each application new project on the controlled environment.

Incident management and problem management
For complex issues that need advanced understanding of the product, team will Co-ordinate with AI/Autosys vendors, SA team, Gateway team and Engineering team for root cause analysis and resolution.

Security Management and User Administration
EME User permissions setup in DEV.
SSL Setup for all Web URLs for all applications.

Continuity of Business (COB) Test
Preparation of COB plan.
Verify AI COB environment builds and configurations for identified application participating in COB test.
Coordinate with application teams for fetching COB reporting DB details and update COB environment.
Bringing COB environment live on COB day, perform sanity checks along with coordinating with other related teams.
Troubleshooting any issues reported during COB test.
Switching applications from COB to Production perform sanity checks.