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For a new project we are looking for consultants with the following position:

TMS Senior Business Consultant (Blue Yonder)

Location: Remote

What you’ll do:

1.                    During the implementation phases of the project:

1.              you will ensure the quality of the deliverables and the configuration of the tool in the different phases of the project.

2.              you will coordinate with the client the supply of the Master Data, which allow to comply with the times and quality of the construction.


2.              Analysis – Fits & Gaps: 

1.              you will support in the analysis sessions, recording all the requirements of the client and explaining, completing the information of the tool, when required for better adjustment of expectations – operation.

2.              Once the Gaps (those that are outside the possibilities of the tool) have been identified, work together with the SA (SOLUTION ARCHITECT) to find the best solution.

3.              Support the design of business processes at high and low level. Help the client/SA (SOLUTION ARCHITECT) understand the change process and change them accordingly.


3.              Design:

1.              Support the SA (SOLUTION ARCHITECT) in the sessions and proactively participate in the fit of the client's requirements with the capabilities of the tool.

2.              Be responsible for the understanding of the documentation generated.

3.              Carry out those necessary tests  with the SA (SOLUTION ARCHITECT) that guarantee the content of the documentation and the proper functioning of the proposed solution, coordinating with the consultants and the SA (SOLUTION ARCHITECT).


4.              Construction:

1.              Execute the construction of the solution based on the design made, ensuring the quality of it.

2.              Provide support to Junior consultants in the assigned tasks.

3.              Be the reference with the client during this phase.


5.              Validation:

1.              Coordination, together with the junior consultants, the UAT ́s and SITS tests, ensuring that they cover all the requirements designed.

2.              Coordinate the parallel of the solution partially or massively, according to the methodology used.

3.              Lead the Go – no Go meeting with the client, exposing the pros and cons.



6.              Go Live / Hypercare / Transition

1.              Execute the cut-over plan with the different project participants (SA (Solution Architect) / functional / technical).

2.              Provide world-class support during Go-Live and Hypercare periods.

3.              Lead the transition to the team that will continue to support the tool.


7.              Relationship with the Client during the life of the Project:


1.                    Understand customers' business processes.

2.                    Be a functional link with customer users.

3.                    Carry out the transfer of knowledge with the key team of the client's project.


8.              Continuous improvement of the solution:

1.                    Participate in the Boot camps, other Blue Yonder formations that help to know the new functionalities / improvements of the tool, as well as to reinforce its lordship as BC.

2.                    Participate in Trainings, Talks, Seminars of S. Chain that help to complete the technological trends of the Transport market.



What we are looking for (industry and product experience):

·          Minimum 3 (SBC) / 5 (SA (SOLUTION ARCHITECT)) years of specific experience working within Blue Yonder’s Transportation Management Systems, either as a customer of Blue Yonder or as a consultant implementing Blue Yonder solutions for customers preferred.

·          Relevant solutions consulting and implementation experience with other leading Transportation Management Solutions, such as IBM (Logistics & Supply Chain) Oracle (OTM), SA (SOLUTION ARCHITECT)P, Manhattan, E2Open, o9 Solutions , may be considered.

·          Experience in a customer-facing role where you led n the gathering of requirements, formulating a software solution, and persuading stakeholders.

·          Current or prior experience working in a management consulting organization or Supply Chain Center preferred.

Technical requirements:

·          Understand the basics of APIs-SOAP/REST, XMLs and JSONs.

·          Inclination to understand and learn simple SQLs.

·          Report writing and validation.


·          Strong business analysis skills, understanding and usage of statistical algorithms, inventory optimization concepts, awareness of tactical planning on overall supply chain required.

·          Ability to prepare and deliver presentations for user, management, and executive level audiences.

·          Basic Excel skills (data cleansing, pivot tables).

·          Ability to read and execute simple SQL queries preferred.


·          English and Spanish are a must.

·          Portuguese, French, Italian, Catalan, German or other languages will be a plus.


·          Advanced degree in Supply Chain, Operations, Logistics or Operations Research preferred.

·          Engineering preferred.

·          Bachelor’s degree and relevant industry experience may be considered in lieu of advanced degree.

If you are interested please send your resume!!