In the USA the average salary of a software engineer is $92,000 a year. While in Mexico the average salary of a programmer is $12,120 a year, if the engineer has an advanced english it can go up to $26,000. Companies in the USA are paying 8-9 times more for a software developer to one in Mexico. Some will argue that software developers in the USA are better prepared than those who studied their career in LATAM. But it’s hard to believe that a software engineer from the USA is 9 times better than one from Mexico.

If you want to lower your costs of software development, you may consider looking for tech talent in Mexico. In this article we will present you the average salary of a software engineer in Mexico by state, role, programming language and years of experience. We hope this information helps you to evaluate Mexico as an option for recruitment. 


The study was carried out through an online survey, conducted during December 2019 and January 2020. After cleaning the data, a total of 1,407 valid surveys were obtained. 

It is important to note that the salaries presented in this analysis are annual and after taxes (the net salary the employee receives) and in dollars currency. If you are going to use a staffing provider in Mexico, it is important to consider an additional 35-40% of costs for taxes and perks by law.

 Average salary of a Software Engineer in Mexico

The average salary of a software Engineer in Mexico is $12,120 dollars annually. 

Average salary of a Software Engineer in Mexico by role

The Mobile developers are the best paid in Mexico with an annual salary of $14,882 dollars. The next best paid programmers are Back End Developers with $12,743 dollars. 

Average salary of a Software Engineer in Mexico by Programming Languages

The best paid programming language is Ruby with an annual salary of $21,347 dollars. In second Places is Swift, the mobile programming language for iOS, with a salary of $16,200. In third place is Kotlin, the language programming for android, with a salary of $16,104.

Average salary of a Software Engineer in Mexico by state 

The state of Mexico with the highest salary for software engineers is Nuevo León ($14,423). The second place is Mexico City ($13,936), and in third place is Estado de México ($13,072). This is no surprise, as all this states have the biggest technological industries in Mexico.

Average salary of a Software Engineer in Mexico by years of experience

The salary of developers in Mexico increases according to their years of experience, until they reach more than 16 years of experience. This may be, because the oldest developers aren’t updated with the new technologies that are required in the market. But it’s also important to point out that in Mexico when an employee reaches their 40, they have a hard time finding a new job or staying in their actual job.

All the data presented in this article was taken from the IT Laboral Market Report in Mexico 2020, elaborated by EmpleosTI.

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